Linda A Haynes, Realtor/Broker 
National Assocation of Realtors Member
California Association of Realtors Member
Sacramento Association of Realtors Member 
Sacramento Realtist Association 
Sacramento Association of Realtor Internship Committee Member

Licensed Professional Business Coach

Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)​


 In today's Real Estate Market it's wise to have an AGGRESSIVE Realtor/Broker

We are trained to be professional, but yet Aggressive. We vigourously market our listings and vigorously locate our Buyer's the home of their dreams. We will assist our sellers and buyers in gettng the best for their money.  

​Magnificent Service

Our clients are treated with MAGNIFICENT and Upscale service, from the beginning of their transaction to the closing of their transaction. Our staff members are trained to provide only splendid service to each and every one of our clients.  

Joyful Experience

Working with Majestic Realty of Northern California is a JOYFUL and pleasant experience. We understand buying and selling real estate is one of the most imporant decisions for our clients and we are here to make the experience a Joyful one.

We have the ENTHUSIASM and energy to make dreams come true! We put a great deal of effort into each purchase transaction or sale of property. 

Security is top priority when working with Majestic Realty of Northern California.

All occupied properties listed with Majestic Realty of Northern CA are installed with a double coded secured lockbox. The Buyers agents must contact our office for the additional code information before obtaining access to the key in the lockbox.
Team Work

Our Realtor/Broker, staff and business associates have built a professional TEAM that will ensure that each transaction is a smooth one.  

We have worked hard to create and maintain our INTEGRITY within the community. We take pride in our company's reputation and intergrity. 

We feel this is one of the most important attributes we as a company can possess.
Words From The Broker

"Below describes the foundation and belief's in which I have build Majestic Realty of Northern California.  

I strive to make each experience for our clients, associates and community a pleasant and professional experience.

Our GOAL is to provide..........................."


Majestic Realty of Northern California is 100% COMMITTED to our clients. We work hard to make Your Dreams Come True!!
Majestic Realty of Northern California 
A Haynes Organization 
                     "The Shield of Excellence"
Serving Northern California Since 1998

Office Locations:
        850 Iron Point Road, Ste 201
        Folsom, CA 95630 
        101 California Street, Ste 2710
        San Francisco, CA  94111

Virtual Office Locations In Many of the Northern California Cities